Supporter Thank You Gift

October 6, 2017 until supplies run out

So many people have supported me in so many ways, and my gratitude is too big to contain!

I want to say thank you! How? With stickers!

Check out these fabulous KAT AND MEG stickers Morgan Messing designed for me!

If you have done anything at all to support me and the release of KAT AND MEG CONQUER THE WORLD, I would like to send you 3 KAT AND MEG stickers–2 for you and 1 for a friend!


I’ve supported you! How do I get my stickers?

By filling out this Google form. (<— Click on the words “this Google form.”)

What do I need to have done to support you?

Anything you’ve done to support the release of KAT AND MEG CONQUER THE WORLD counts. Have you talked about it to a friend? Tweeted about it? Preordered it? Posted a review? Anything counts! I’m grateful for it all!

I’m your family member or friend. Can I still get thank you stickers?

Yes! I want to thank anyone and everyone who has supported the release of KAT AND MEG, whether a friend, family member, colleague, or complete stranger.

Will you mail them internationally?

Yes! I want to say thank you to you no matter where you are in the world.

How long are you giving stickers away for?

Until my mailing supplies run out. So submit your mailing address through the Google form above as soon as possible, before that happens.





November 16, 2017

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